The eco-friendly Ecochrome process is completely free of environmentally and health-hazardous chromium 6. Customers get a glossy chrome or aluminum look on their products. In our PVD facility, the articles are put in a vacuum-tight chamber where a very thin layer of pure chrome or aluminum is applied using sputtering technology. The metal evaporates in the vacuum to a gas cloud which then condenses on the articles. No environmentally hazardous baths are used. The metal can be applied on many different types of materials. If the material can get adhesion in a wetpainting process, then the surface is also good for vacuum metallization.


At Ytab, we can paint virtually any type of plastic – PC, ABS, PP, PA, thermoplastics and countless blends. We use a variety of primers to maximize adhesion to each plastic quality. We also paint aluminum and other metal compontents (e.g. to give them a soft feel). Products and components can vary in size from 5 mm to 1.5 x 2.4 metres. As long as they can be hung on a fixture, they can be of any shape. The painting robots can reach any corner from any angle. Ytab can apply every paint and lacquer available for industrial purposes, including polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, and many more. They can be single- or dual-component, UV-resistant, soft-touch, anti-fingerprint, etc.


Decoration includes various techniques for upgrading the final product by applying decorative or functional patterns and alphanumeric information over the painted surface. This adds both visual and mechanical properties to the product. Decoration can also be applied “negatively”, either through tampo printing or lasering. By not painting specific areas (or removing paint), these areas can then be back-lit to create the desired effect. Ytab uses a range of specialty pigments and chemicals to provide the optimal decoration for each material and coating.


We cooperate in Sweden with a number of both larger and smaller injection molding companies and would like to take full responsibility for your production. In addition to paint, Ytab’s factory in Hungary also offers injection molding services where a large amount of plastic materials and plastic blends are used. The machines can handle between 50 and 500 tonnes.


In addition to painting, Ytab’s Hungarian plant also offers injection moulding services, using a wide variety of plastic materials and blends, and machines ranging from 50 to 500 tonnes.

Water Transfer Printing

Make your product unique by adding Water Transfer Printing

First we put a film with a decorative pattern on the surface of a water tub and then we spray an activator on the film so that it dissolves. After that the product is dipped in the patters and then it is washed, dried and coated with a clear – or matcoat depending in the customers preference.

There are numerous different patterns to choose between, like marble, wood, stone, carbon fibre, water etc. Water Transfer Printing can be applied on many different materials such as plastic, metal, glass and wood.